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Improve Your Descriptive Essays With MyAssignmentsHelper

Descriptive essays are a common type of assignment given to school and college students. Students pursuing a major in Literature also get descriptive essay writing tasks often. While many students think that descriptive essay writing is quite easy, some students might find it difficult to describe something. This is why they look for online descriptive essay writing help. 

As the name suggests, a descriptive essay involves describing the topic in detail. For example, an object, a place, person, emotion or event. Students are encouraged to write about personal experiences as well in this type of essay writing. While describing the topics students need to showcase their creativity so that the reader can imagine everything they describe. 

MyAssignmentsHelper offers easy to access, affordable, online descriptive essay help to students of all ages. Our team of academic writers and editors work together to curate the right essay for the students. 

Here’s how MyAssignmentsHelper can assist you in descriptive essay writing:

  • Simplified essay outlines and drafts: Our essay writers ensure that your descriptive essay includes a clear, well-organised structure. After all, it is the structure of the essay that allows for building a flow of information and ideas. 
  • Deep Research for your essay: If you think you need some inspiration and your personal experience is not just enough to write your descriptive essay assignment, our essay experts can research for you. 
  • Special attention to introduction and conclusion: These are the most important sections of a descriptive essay. They help the readers understand the key points of your essay or provide a summary of the essay. We make sure that both these sections are handled with utmost care. 
  • Presentation and readability: Our editors ensure that your descriptive essay is easy to read. We always present information paragraph-wise. We also include bullet points, references and citations as and when required. 

Reach out to us for top-notch descriptive essay help right now and handle all your assignments easily. We have the best native Australian academic writers and subject matter experts with us. Most of our experts hail from the best universities in Australia and are well-versed with the education system followed here. So, you can expect 100% authentic and genuine assignment assistance here at MyAssignmentsHelper. 

How To Write A Descriptive Essay?

The main purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to inform the reader about the topic in a detailed manner. Descriptive essays help in putting a great impression of the topic on the reader. You might write descriptive essays to share your experience, inform the reader or even persuade them. For example, if you are writing a descriptive essay about your house, you will share your personal experiences with the reader. We expect that you describe every room of your house including the stories or memories associated with each room.

Descriptive essay writing often includes the involvement of senses such as smell, sound, sight, touch and taste.

Consider the following sentences:

  • “The dish tasted extremely sweet. I wonder if I have ever tried any dessert like that.” 
  • “Sara’s room was filled with the authentic aroma of the candles that she brought from the market. It was like sitting in a garden and smelling actual roses.” 
  • “There was no light in the neighbourhood when we arrived, except the one from the moon.” 
  • “The utensils exploded on the ground as our nervous house-help saw the guests coming.”

Another thing that is quite common in descriptive writing is the use of imagery. The writer must be able to make the readers imagine the situation. This requires choosing the right words and explaining the situation or event in clear yet convincing language. In our descriptive essay writing help, we make sure that your essay includes all these things. 

MyAssignmentsHelper essay experts describe the structure of a descriptive essay as:

Introduction: The introduction of a descriptive essay should provide some background information about the topic. Then, it should include the purpose of writing the essay. At last, it should include the thesis statement. The introduction of the descriptive essay should be attention-grabbing. It should intrigue the readers about your essay. 

Thesis Statement: Many students who take descriptive essays help us get confused while creating their thesis statement. While creating a descriptive essay, a thesis statement describes the main idea of your essay. Generally, it is written as a declarative sentence. Consider the following examples:

  • “I wanted to learn how to swim because I believed that it would help improve my health.” 
  • “It was raining for days, the whole town was flooded and we were miserable.”
  • “She was my new friend. She made me look at the world with a whole new perspective.” 

Body Paragraphs: A descriptive essay may include one or more body paragraphs. If you are writing a 5-paragraph essay then you need to include three body paragraphs. The body of the descriptive essay includes a detailed description of the points mentioned in the introduction. For example, if your thesis statement says, “it was raining for days, the whole town was flooded and we were miserable”, then your essay will describe the flood in the town. 

Body paragraphs of descriptive essays include illustrative languages such as creative use of adjectives, adverbs and verbs. Using literary techniques in a descriptive essay like simile, metaphor, imagery etc. can also enhance the quality of your descriptive essay. 

Conclusion: This is the last section of your essay that marks the ending of the essay. For example, if you were writing an essay about a flood in your town then in the last paragraph of the essay you may write how the town came together to deal with crises and how things got normal again. You may end the conclusion with a strong statement, a thought, a question or a call-to-action.

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Descriptive Essay Topics Examples

Now let us inspire you with some unique topics for descriptive essay writing. Our essay helpers have listed all these topics based on the common topics that students bring to us. 

  1. A perfect vacation 
  2. My favourite store in town 
  3. The road I love the most 
  4. My perfect space
  5. An athlete that inspired me 
  6. A person I would like to meet
  7. When I discovered my favourite hobby
  8. Things I remember from my 10th birthday 
  9. A funny memory I will never forget
  10. I prefer this trait in an individual 
  11. Why do I feel scared
  12. What motivates me the most 
  13. Friends are important in life 
  14. It is okay to be alone 
  15. Learning a skill 

You can find many such descriptive essay topic ideas at MyAssignmentsHelper.

Descriptive Essay Topics Examples

Writing a descriptive essay could be fun and intriguing as well as challenging for many students. One must possess good writing skills so that one can describe a situation, event or opinion gracefully. You also require knowledge of literary devices and grammar rules. However, not every student has the time or knowledge to create a good descriptive essay that can enhance their grades. This is why MyAssignmentsHelper provides online descriptive essay writing help. 

The exclusive features of our descriptive essay help include:

  • Zero Plagiarism: We guarantee that we will provide you with an essay that is 100% original. This means no plagiarism and accurate citation. We use different tools to detect plagiarism while our editors remove all the duplicity and redundancy manually. 
  • On-Time Delivery: If that descriptive essay assignment is bothering you for a long time, consult us immediately. We are well-equipped to handle all kinds of assignment deadlines. 
  • Affordable Assignment Help: Do not let the cost of hiring an essay writer stop you from achieving good grades. We ensure that you will find the lowest prices for assignment help on our website. Plus, some additional discounts too! 
  • Editing and Proofreading: We ensure every essay that we provide is free of grammatical errors, lexical mistakes, and punctuation errors. Our editing team polishes every essay and enhances its readability and presentability. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: We provide a free revision policy where students can get their essays edited from us after delivery. We will rework the assignments to make them as perfect as we can. In case a student is not happy with our work at all, we also provide a full refund policy. 
  • 24/7 Essay Help: We are here day and night, whether it is a weekday or weekend. Our teams work round the clock for the students so that we can provide them with a quick turnaround time and they can submit their essays on time. 
  • Essay Samples: For students who need to check our writing style and technique, we have descriptive essay samples that you can access for free. These are the essays created for our clients and will help you understand the complete picture. Although, they are just for your reference and not actual usage. 

Challenges Students Face In Descriptive Writing

While descriptive essay writing could mean a lot easier tasks to many, students often face difficulties in it. MyAssignmentsHelper descriptive essay writers have come up with a list of common issues that students face in writing this kind of essay and how to cope up with them.

  • Grammatical Errors: No matter how much a student tries, they often face difficulties in eliminating all the grammar mistakes from their essays. English grammar rules can be complex at times. Our essay writers help in eliminating all errors so that students can submit high-quality essays. 
  • Structure: Descriptive essays require a solid structure and organisation of ideas so that the event can be described properly. For example, if you are writing a descriptive essay about your favourite restaurant. You will first share how you discovered the restaurant and then you may describe the restaurant. You cannot change the order. 
  • Characteristics and Traits: Descriptive essays require that students must feature traits and qualities of a topic. Sometimes you may have to describe the physical attributes of something while the other times the essay would demand more abstract concepts. We can help you prepare an essay that depicts the characteristics and traits of the topic clearly. 
  • Purpose: Many times students are unable to understand the purpose of the essay. This could reflect in their assignments and make things difficult. Writing without an aim is just putting words on paper with no connection or relationships between them. MyAssignmentsHelper descriptive essay writing help ensures that students are able to depict the purpose of the essay. 

Overcome all your descriptive essay writing difficulties

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