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Have you ever written a narrative? Do you know how to write effective and impactful stories that will impress your professors? Do you need some guidance in creating a narrative essay? 

No matter what your reason is, MyAssignmentsHelper is a top-notch essay writing service that offers unmatched narrative essay writing help online. We are a team of native essay writers from Australia along with editors and proofreaders who help students in creating narrative essays that are 100% error-free, include the best plot lines and twists, showcase creativity and imagination and avoid cliches. 

Writing a narrative essay can be quite an enriching experience for a student. It not only helps them express themselves but also teaches them about things that they never consider in daily life. However, many students often struggle in coming up with the right words. This is where our narrative essay help comes in and provides them with the right words to use. 

All our essay helpers are well-qualified and aware of the Australian writing system. Most of our writers have Master’s or PhD degrees from reputable Australian universities. Examples, Deakin University, University of Technology Sydney, Curtin University, University of Canberra, and RMIT University. You can check our writer profiles and know more about their student ratings, qualifications, experience and more.

How To Write A Narrative Essay?

Narration is defined as using written or spoken commentary to convey a story to an audience. A narrative essay, as the name suggests, is written to convey a story, whether fiction or nonfiction, to the readers. The essay has a central point or a central topic around which the story takes place. There can be incidents, different characters and even dialogues in a narrative essay. You may also include poetry and anecdotes in your narrative essay. But you must first consult with your teacher or supervisor about that since many schools and colleges expect students to meet a specific word count in essays. 

A narrative essay may include 5 paragraphs where the first paragraph is the introduction followed by three body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. MyAssignmentsHelper essay experts describe the structure of a narrative essay as:

Introduction: This is the first paragraph of the essay that introduces the readers to the theme of the essay or its central idea. It should be exciting to read and easy to understand. You can describe the setting, introduce the characters and prepare your readers for what is coming next in the story. Since it is an essay, not a short story, a thesis statement is necessary. 

Thesis Statement: It is a statement included at the end of the introduction paragraph that describes the moral of the story, a lesson learned or the overall theme of the essay. Consider the following examples:

  • “Everyone always thought that Sandra was mean, until the day when everyone got to know her true nature.”
  • “No matter what happens in life, we must always be kind to each other.”
  • “Nobody knew where Tara was and then came the letter that changed our lives forever.” 

Body Paragraphs: The narrative essay includes chronological events. So each body paragraph describes what happens next in the story. This is where you, as an essay writer, can put in all the suspense, mystery, and dialogues. You must create an emotional connection with your readers through your writing. Also, while providing narrative essay help to students we always take into account the transitions from one scene to another. Our writers use transition words and phrases to connect the story in a narrative essay. 

Conclusion: Just like the end of the story, the conclusion paragraph is the end of the essay. It should provide a sense of closure to the readers. By this paragraph, the reader must be able to understand the story or the idea that you wanted to depict through your story. You may also include some reflection or analysis of the events that you described in the story.

Narrative Essay Topic Examples

If you are looking to find the best narrative essay topic for your assignment, you are at the right place. At MyAssignmentsHelper, we not only help you in narrative essay writing but also provide you inspiration for choosing an interesting essay topic. Here are some unique examples:

  1. First day at college
  2. How I met my best friend
  3. Relocating from a big city to a small town
  4. The rainstorm
  5. A frustrating experience 
  6. Being kind is what we need
  7. Manifesting what you desire 
  8. Hard work pays off
  9. Overcoming rejection in life
  10. A day in my life
  11. Dealing with misunderstandings
  12. A pleasant surprise 
  13. Being grateful 
  14. Money vs. Happiness
  15. A sad experience in life 

Need more narrative essay topic ideas? Consult our essay experts at any time. You can also check our free narrative essay examples. 

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MyAssignmentsHelper has been serving students and aspirants pursuing courses in Australia since 2009. We have built a strong team of academic professionals to compile assignments in any subject. Our way of writing an assignment comprises well-researched content supported by data and statistics. We also stick to the formatting guidelines and maintain the standard of education of a reputed university. Hire us for writing assignments for university and observe how our writers do the needful.

Narrative Essay Writing Help At MyAssignmentsHelper

Many students wonder whether it is legal to ask for help in essay writing. The narrative essay writing services that we provide at MyAssignmentsHelper aim to guide students in their assignments. Students can use our study materials to get inspiration for their assignments. If someone wants to learn how a narrative essay is written, we have the best guidance for them. This is why our narrative essay help is 100% legitimate.

Narrative Essay Writing Help At MyAssignmentsHelper

Original Essays: We prepare every essay from scratch. Our essay experts understand how important it is for students to uncover original ideas. We also make sure that there is no kind of plagiarism in the work. So, we use software tools to detect and remove plagiarism before finalising the essay. 

Narrative Essay Examples: To help students understand our writing style and narrative essay format, we offer free narrative essay samples. You can consult our customer support and find a free essay sample in just a few minutes. 

Timely Essay Help: We respect your time as well as ours. This is why we have never missed a deadline. We always make sure that we provide the essay before the deadline given to us by the student. In case a student needs instant essay help, we are well-equipped for that. 

Best Narrative Essay Writers: We hire narrative essay experts mostly or the ones who have a good educational background. This means top quality work for every student. After all, if we want students to perform well in essay writing, we need to set the right benchmark. 

24/7 Support: We offer customer support round the clock. So whether you need an update on your essay or whether you need to submit a narrative essay request, just send a message any time. We will never disappoint you. 

Challenges Students Face In Narrative Writing

Narrative essays are creative, unlike other academic writing tasks where you have to remain formal and state the facts. However, there are certain challenges in narrative writing too that make it impossible for a student to earn a high distinction grade in this assignment. Given below are four major narrative writing challenges faced by students these days:

Clarity: Writing a story can sometimes fill your mind with ideas that it becomes difficult to decide which idea should be used and which should be discarded. This becomes a hindrance in writing the narrative essay clearly. Many times students make the story complex by including a lot of information. Essay writers at MyAssignmentsHelper help maintain clarity in the writing. 

Description: Sometimes students over-describe a character. Narrative essays are not short stories. So they do not hold the scope of describing a character in detail. One must just describe their important traits in the essay. With our narrative essay writing service, students can overcome this difficulty under our expert guidance. 

Second-Person Narrative: When students do not edit their work properly they fail to identify how many times they have used second-person narrative. Narrative essay writing should be in the first person. But you must not worry about this problem as our editing team will take care of it. 

Cliches: “It was a dark night. Sara was alone on the road waiting for a bus when suddenly she heard…” If you are thinking of starting your narrative essay like this, you are just like every other amateur writer. Narrative essays must not include the same old cliche opening lines. Our essay writers would help you in writing something different. 

MyAssignmentsHelper is here to create amazing narratives

Our narrative essay writing help aims to help students with every challenge they face in writing, editing and proofreading their work. At MyAssignmentsHelper we let you connect with the best essay writers of Australia who provide you with accurate guidance. So wait no more and send us your narrative essay requirements. Our teams are here for you 24/7!


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