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Stop using free essay writing tools and hire a professional essay rewriter to elevate the quality of your essay. Create flawless essays within deadlines and achieve higher grades!

Create Flawless Essays with an Essay Rewriter

At My Assignments Helper in Australia, you will find the best essay rewriters who can enhance your essays into masterpieces. Do you often feel that your essay is not good enough? You have researched well, you have created a catchy introduction and an impactful thesis statement, yet there is something missing in your essay. If yes, then you need an essay rewriter. We have the best essay typers who can find the mistakes and inconsistencies in your essay and turn them upside down into something incredible and intriguing. 

Every student who prepares their essay on their own should be applauded. But your goal should not just be to write an essay but also to submit a flawless piece of work. This means:

  • Fully-referenced piece of text 
  • Inclusion of the best arguments and clear examples 
  • Clarity of expression 
  • Simple, yet effective structure 
  • Essay backed up with research 

Our essay rewriters can help you achieve all these goals. All you have to do is submit your essay to us along with guidelines and your essay question and we will rewrite your essay for you. We will make sure not to delete any important, relevant or valid arguments at the same time, trying to remove all the flaws from your essay. 

Essay rewriting is different from essay editing and proofreading! While editing your essay the essay editor will not rewrite any part of your essay. They would focus on improving its impact, language, tone, consistency and other aspects. The essay editor or proofreader generally finds errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. They check whether all the arguments are correct and relevant as per the essay topic and make the necessary changes. An essay rewriter, on the other hand, rewrites the parts of your essay or sometimes your complete essay to make it more relevant. Let us see that in detail.

What is Essay Writing and Why Do You Need It?

Consider an example. 

“Pollution is rising at an alarming rate all around the world. Many people say that it is the increased urbanisation that is responsible for creating pollution all around. Some people say that cutting down trees is the main reason for bad, polluted air. But, should we all just keep blaming and finding who is responsible for creating pollution? No, instead we should find a way to control it.”

If we were given this text to rewrite, here’s how it would be:

“There is no denying that pollution is rising all across the world. While some people consider urbanisation as a big factor in creating pollution, many consider deforestation as its major cause. However, no one is thinking about how we should control the increasing pollution. If we want to win over pollution, we have to stop blaming and start acting.” 

The original text did not have any clear “call to action”. It used heavier sentences. On the other hand, the rewritten text includes a straightforward message that is to start acting instead of blaming! It includes fewer words and conveys the message in a better way. This is what rewriting can do to your essay. 

  • An essay rewriter can choose better words for you so that your essay looks more compact, concise and yet impressive. 
  • An essay rewriter will remove all unnecessary sentences and strengthen your essay by adding powerful arguments. 
  • The essay rewriter will also ensure that your essay is 100% unique and error-free. As a result, you will have a better chance of scoring a higher grade on your essay.

You must consider essay rewriting service at MyAssignmentsHelper Australia if:

  • Your essay submission deadline is near and you have no time to edit your work. 
  • You want to ensure that your essay is top-notch and answers the question correctly. 
  • You want to work upon the introduction, thesis statement, arguments and conclusion parts of your essay. 
  • You are facing writer’s block and there is nothing you can do to create an impressive essay. 

Our Best Essay Rewriter Experts

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5 Benefits of Hiring an Essay Rewriter from MyAssignmentsHelper

Now comes the reasons why you must only choose MyAssignmentsHelper Australia for essay rewriting. While many students think that they can use a free tool to spin their essay and enhance it, we at MyAssignmentsHelper have professional essay writers to do the job. 

Here’s how you will find our essay rewriting service much helpful:

  • Unique essays within deadline: No matter how stringent your essay deadline is, we can help you create a better essay. We can handle deadlines as short as 2 hours. 
  • No need for thesaurus: Do not waste your time finding better synonyms. Our essay rewriters are well-versed in Australian English and can provide you with a unique, powerful vocabulary. 
  • Get your essay online: No need to rush anywhere. Just send us your essay online and get the rewritten essay in your inbox! No need to download any tool or special software. 
  • No plagiarism: We will take care of the citations, referencing and ideation in such a way that your essay is 100% free of plagiarism. 

Why Manual Essay Rewriting is Better Than a Tool?

Many students nowadays rely on free online essay rewriting tools that are supposed to spin the content and present something unique to them. But, do they provide contextually correct essays? Are their paraphrasing skills comparable to a professional, native Australian writer? We don’t think so. Because such sophisticated tools will not be available for free. So, we highly recommend students not trust any such scams and consult a professional to get their essays polished. Problems with online, automatic essay rewriting tools:

  • No clarity on whether the essay will stay relevant to the topic or the essay question
  • No assurance whether the theme of the essay will remain the same 
  • No clarity on whether the research provided is authentic or not 
  • No assurance about the complexity of the essay 
  • Referencing and citation can still be a problem for students 

A manual essay rewriter, on the other hand, will check every line of your essay. They have the skills to read in-between the lines and ensure that the essay does not lose its context. The essay rewriter will make sure that the citations are written as per the formatting rules and there is no plagiarism of any kind. There will be no robotic language but a human touch to your essay, making it appear as if it is written by a skilled person and not a machine.

How to Use Essay Rewriting Services at MyAssignmentsHelper Australia

  • Fill in the contact form or send us a quick message about your assignment. 
  • Send us your essay details like the guidelines and the write-up that you have prepared. 
  • We will go through your essay rewriting requirements and will send you a price quote. 
  • Once you make the payment, we will send your essay to a professional essay rewriter. 
  • This essay rewriting expert will be an expert in the field of your essay topic. 
  • The essay rewriter will work on your essay, make improvements and will share the final version with you. 

This way, you can get your work done in a timely manner, without any stress or pressure! It is time to hire an essay rewriter for your next essay.


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