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You probably have written essays since second grade. But as you move to higher classes, the complexity, writing style and quality of essays change. Students in high school and college are expected to write more deeply researched essays, with citations and formatting. A time crunch in completing your essay and the stress of studies can make things worse. 

But now, every student can relax as My Assignments Helper offers unmatched essay writing services that will provide their essays with 360-degree protection. This means:

Plagiarism-free Essays 

Plagiarism is one of the major concerns these days. With so many resources present online these days, it often becomes difficult for students to create an original essay. Essay writers at MyAssignmentsHelper use efficient tools to detect and remove plagiarism from an essay. 

Zero Grammatical Mistakes 

Even a little mistake of a pronoun can affect your grades when it comes to academic writing. So why take the chance? Our essay helpers edit and proofread every essay in a detailed manner. They look for all possible writing mistakes and ensure that your essay is 100% correct. 

Deeply Researched Essays 

The quality of an essay depends on the research done about the essay topic. To make sure that you receive the best information, we have hired dedicated subject matter experts. They do the research and create the best essays for students.

Convenient Online Essay Help For Students

Any Deadline, Any Time! 

Whether your essay is due in the next few hours or whether it is due until the next week, we can handle every deadline. We have a well-equipped team of essay helpers. So wait no more and send us a query right away. 

Name a Subject, Get an Essay

Humanities, Science, History, Life Science, Mathematics, name a subject and we guarantee that we will provide you with an essay expert. We have academic writers and subject specialists from the top Australian universities like Deakin, University of Melbourne, RMIT and more! 

Writer Profiles for Transparency

We are not assigning any random essay writer to you. We have provided the essay writer profiles on our website that include their qualification, student reviews and speciality. So, you can choose a writer you like. 

Affordable Essay Writing Help

We respect how students save every penny to make their ends meet. We would not want to be an extra burden. This is why we offer affordable essay help to all so that everyone can access the resources and achieve better grades. 

24/7 Essay Help

Day or night, it does not matter. Our teams are working here round the clock. So, send us a message whenever you like and solve your query. Stay informed about every update related to your essay. 

Custom Essay Help

Need someone to help you write an essay? Looking for an expert editor to polish your essay? Want to get your work proofread by an expert? No matter what help you require, MyAssignmentsHelper provides them with all. 

Free Rework Policy 

We do our best in writing an essay for you. But sometimes, we might not be able to live up to your expectations. In such cases, we do not want to let you down. So, we give an option to get your essay edited from us for free. Check our free rework policy to know more. 

Money-Back Guarantee

If a student is not happy with our services, they can claim a full refund from us. Our refund policy includes all the details and procedures to claim a refund from us. Consult our customer support to know more. 

Turn your essay into a masterpiece with our unmatched essay writing services. We offer the most flexible and convenient assistance in essay writing to students. If you want to know more, just check our student reviews and testimonials. 

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All Kinds of Essay Writing Services Covered

Academic writing involves creating different types of essays. Each essay type has its requirements and writing style that a student must follow. However, this often creates confusion amongst the students and makes essay writing a tough task for them. But, let us end this quest by providing the right assistance for the essay you have to write. 

Descriptive Essay Writing Service: A descriptive essay describes the main topic by providing in-depth detail, discussion and information related to it. A descriptive essay must include literary devices like metaphors, similes, dialogue, etc and should evoke the reader’s emotions. We help assure you that your descriptive essay includes everything. 

Narrative Essay Writing Service: A narrative essay is just like telling a story. It includes a plot, characters, storyline, conflict and theme. A good narrative essay must be clear, non-over-descriptive, and must include dynamic words. Students often get confused in writing narrative essays as they are creative and much different from other forms of academic writing tasks. 

Cause and Effect Essay Writing Service: This type of essay describes the effects of one thing over another. In this essay, students have to show how one thing, idea or event directly influences another person, thing, idea, or event. Many students who study life sciences have to write such essays. Our essay helpers provide complete guidance on these essays to all. 

Expository Essay Writing Service: This essay talks about facts only. This is unlike other essays like descriptive and narrative essays where students have to showcase their personal opinions. Our essay experts can help students build a strong outline and focused structure for expository essays. 

Argumentative Essay Writing Service: Argumentative essays express an argument for the essay topic or the thesis statement. One has to decide and take a stance to present their argument. With our essay writing service, students can create Toulmin arguments, and Rogerian arguments to enhance their essay writing. 

Persuasive Essay Writing Service: A persuasive essay is written to convince the reader about something. Persuasive essays require compelling, inspiring language that can alter people’s minds. They must include solid evidence, facts and examples. Many students find the art of persuasion difficult which is why they take help in persuasive essays from us. 

Analytical Essay Writing Service: Analysis can be done on any topic. Whether it is arts, literary works, politics, scientific research or history. Analytical essays are quite common in high school and college as they help the students in gaining analytical thinking skills. Analytical essays are beneficial for readers as they help them think more rationally and sensibly. 

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing Service: A rhetorical analysis discusses the purpose of a text or speech, it is set, appeals and techniques used to pursue the audience. It is just like explaining what makes a work of writing or speech impactful. Many students take online assignment writing help in rhetorical analysis from our experts. 

These are just some of the common essay writing requests that we receive. Our team is capable of doing much more! So, just send us your essay writing request instead of just wondering “how can I pay someone to write my essay?”

Online Essay Writing Service for 100+ Subjects

Essays not only differ based on writing style and purpose but also on the basis of subject area or discipline. This is because essay writing is the most common form of assignment writing task given to test the knowledge and critical thinking of students. Our essay helpers are also subject specialists and have their expertise and experience in writing essays about a certain discipline. At MyAssignmentsHelper, you can find essay help in all kinds of subjects. 

Nursing Essay Writing Help: We get a lot of requests for nursing essays on topics like medicines management, forensic healthcare, fundamentals of nursing, physiology, leadership management and many more. Connect with the best nursing subject experts in Australia and get your essay done in no time. 

Law Essay Writing Help: Criminal law, legal concepts, constitutional law, legal research and tort law are some of the common law essay topics that we receive from students in Australia. Our law essay writers can make your essay unique as well as 100% accurate. 

Sociology Essay Writing Help: Sociology essays include a variety of topics like economic inequality, socialisation, education, religion and globalisation. We can help you select sociology essay topics that will get you an A in class without any trouble. 

Psychology Essay Writing Help: Social cognition, racism, attitudes, non-verbal communication, mental well-being, scientific methods in psychology, neuroscience, etc. are some common essay topics in psychology. MyAssignmentsHelper has the best essay experts in psychology who can help you write a fully-cited essay in no time. 

Business Essay Writing Help: Marketing, management, consumer relationships, trading, objectives of businesses, sole proprietorship, partnership and public sector and private sector enterprises are some of the common essay topics for business studies. You can find more such topics at MyAssignmentsHelper. 

English and Literature Essay Writing Help: Essays are a common part of literature courses. Literature essays require to be well-researched and well-referenced. We have hired the best native Australian essay writers to help students pursuing literature courses find constant and genuine guidance. 

The list of topics in which you can get an essay from us is much bigger! We can help you write essays in physiology, philosophy, visual arts, archeology, geography, political science, history, economics, earth sciences, mathematics, systems science, education, engineering, journalism, and more! Consult our customer support to know whether we have an expert for your essay topic.

Getting Essay Help From MyAssignmentsHelper is Easy

Our online essay help is accessible to students all across the globe. We have experienced academic writers, essay helpers and subject masters who work day and night to complete the essay requirements of the students. We recommend that students should use our essay material for reference purposes, to increase their knowledge about a subject or to learn how to write essays. Using our essay help is 100% legitimate. 

  • To seek essay help from us, just send us your essay writing requirements including essay topic, formatting style, number of words and deadline. 
  • Pay for your essay and we will start working on it right away. We will assign your essay to an expert related to your subject area. 
  • Sit back and relax until we do the work. Then you can check the essay and if required get it updated once again from us.


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