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Not only does Probability include various topics it also includes the knowledge of statistics and other topics of math. Probability is the possibility of various events. These events range into various forms such as:


  • Simple Event
  • Compound Event 
  • Certain Event 
  • Impossible Event 
  • Equally likely events
  • Complimentary Events
  • Mutually Exclusive Events 


Types of Probability samples

  • Simple Random Sampling 
  • Stratified Sampling 
  • Systematic Sampling 
  • Cluster Sampling 

Distributions in Probability Types are:

  • Bernoulli Distribution  
  • Uniform Distribution 
  • Binomial Distribution 
  • Normal Distribution 
  • Poisson Distribution 
  • Exponential Distribution

These are a few of the topics in which we provide probability assignment Writing services. 

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