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Struggling with assessments? Let our team of online experts help you out. We provide the best assessment help services in Australia at affordable prices to help you get good marks. Contact us to get started with top-quality online assessment help!


My Assignments Helper Australia chapter offers higher education assessment help to students and assists them in achieving the intended learning outcomes of courses they opt for. Our online assessment help experts can help you with different types of assessments that test your knowledge, skills, and how you apply them to solve problems.

Our assessment helpers understand different types of assignment forms and their purposes. We can help you with informal or formal:

  1. Diagnostic assessments: These types of assessments are often taken at the beginning of a study unit to assess the interests, abilities, skills, experiences, achievement levels and challenges of students in the class. Results of these tests are often used to accept students in different courses, plan lessons and finalize teaching methods instructors use. We can guide you on how to excel in IQ tests, aptitude tests, observations, discussions, and question-answer sessions.
  2. Formative assessments: These assessments happen throughout the course to track students’ progress and provide them with immediate and meaningful feedback. We understand that students may need assistance with even non-graded self-assessment tasks or informal formative assessments because they affect the kind of impression students make on teachers. Our experts can provide you with the right feedback on time, help you adapt your learning methods, and improve your grades successfully.
  3. Summative assessments: These are the most important types of assessments when it comes to your mark sheet. These include final exams or writing major essays. Our assessment help experts can assist you with exam preparation, write essays and reports, do projects, prepare presentations and more.

Our assessment helpers can work with you on any type of test, evaluation, or assessment task! Contact us now!


All our assessment help specialists are highly qualified and experienced in providing instant exam assistance at all levels. We choose them after rigorous subject tests, writing skills tests, and interviews. Besides, we have ongoing continuous professional development programs to make sure that our experts always deliver you the best results.

Our experts offer you:

  • Coordinated team support for all types of assessments: We understand that students who contact us for online assessment help may require different types of exam-related assistance. That is why we can assign you with an expert depending on your need and learning requirements.
  • Learning support using blended and online teaching strategies and apps: Our online assessment help experts have used every learning strategy and every type of online teaching app to boost student grades. They can help you learn effectively, improve your reading speed and comprehension, apply critical thinking skills to solve problems, master study techniques to ace exams easily, understand the subject better by using tutorials and workshops, resolve doubts or queries at any point in time before or during the exam.
  • Advice and tips regarding how to get better marks in evaluation tasks: Our experts can help you decide the right questions to ask your instructors and make sure that you get the most out of your evaluation tasks. They can also give guidance on how to draft a proposal, write a letter, plan an event efficiently within time and budget, and prepare presentations focusing on key points without wasting any valuable time.
  • Provide you with the right resources, study material and revision notes: We offer you a wide range of study material, formula sheets, flow charts, mind maps, diagrams, infographics and revision notes from which to choose. We also ensure that the information is accurate, well-written, and up-to-date. Furthermore, we can customize these materials for your needs depending on the chapters or topics you need to master.
  • Help you understand assessment rubrics and marking criteria for your subject, academic level, and assessment type: Our experts know that every subject and academic level has its own unique assessment criteria. They can help you understand the marking criteria quickly, prepare your assignment or project as per the relevant evaluation standards, and get better grades easily!
  • Identify and solve all your academic problems: Besides, our experts are good at finding your academic challenges and offering you tailored interventions to solve them. They can help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses, identify the factors that affect your grades, find out what prevents you from getting good results, and take corrective actions to improve your academic performance.
  • Do your project in the given time: Our assessment help professionals work with you to meet any submission deadline and complete your project successfully on time. We have a team of certified writers, editors, proofreaders and online tutors who get your tasks done within the required timeframe.
  • Offer you just-in-time guidance when you get stuck with your assessment: When you seek assessment help from us, you get your questions answered quickly by one of our experts. You can avail of assessment help online for any subject, course, assignment or project type at affordable prices.
  • Provide you with academic writing, referencing, and language support: We offer our clients comprehensive writing, referencing and language support to ensure that their assignments are well-written, referenced according to the latest citation styles (APA, MLA etc.) and proofread for grammar errors.

Our pool of online assessment help experts comprises experienced writers, editors, subject teachers and PhD holders who can offer you tailor-made guidance and support for all your academic needs.

Our Best Assessment Help Experts

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At MyAssignmentsHelper Australia, we assist you with:


  • Annotated Bibliography: Our experts can help you write a high-quality annotated bibliography for your term paper, thesis paper, dissertation, research proposal and more.
  • Case Study: We can assist you with case studies related to marketing, finance, healthcare, IT and other areas.
  • Essay: Our experts can help you with all kinds of essay writing, including narrative essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays or descriptive essays.
  • Literature Review: Our experts can assist you with a literature review for your thesis paper, dissertation proposal or research proposal. We offer help in several areas like business, health care, IT and more.
  • Workbook: Our experts can prepare a workbook/solution manual for your assignments or projects quickly.
  • Peer Review: As part of a peer review, you need to submit your work for constructive feedback and assessment by other students or professionals in the same area. For this, we can assign one of our experts or a group of experts to carefully assess your work and give you tips on how to make it better.
  • Portfolio: Many courses require students to carefully collect and document their work. For this, we can prepare a well-documented portfolio for you that reflects your understanding, knowledge and skills in the relevant area.
  • Problem Solving Task: Some courses require students to come up with a solution to a complex problem. We have expert panel members who can help you solve the problems accurately and deliver outstanding results.
  • Professional Plans: Many courses require students to write a professional plan where they use the relevant knowledge, skills and understanding to solve real-world problems. We can assist you with writing professional plans that reflect your subject matter expertise.
  • Project (research): Our panel members can help you develop a project that follows the principles of good research, helps you find reliable sources and analyze academic data to find solutions.
  • Quiz/Test: We understand that many courses require students to take quizzes or tests. We have experts who can help you improve your test-taking skills and score better grades in your examinations.
  • Resume/CV: A resume is a short document that highlights your academic, personal and professional achievements so it needs to be well written. We have experts who can write an effective resume for you.
  • Research Proposal: We have experts who can help you with the research proposal component of your dissertation or thesis paper. We can help you with planning, conducting and reporting research in a secure manner that follows the guidelines set by your institution/university.
  • Reflective Journal: Your institution may require you to keep a reflective journal that contains your observations, insights and learning gained by working on the project. We can help you through the process of writing an effective reflective journal that follows your preferred style (first person or third person or combination).
  • Report: A report is a detailed document that explains your project in detail and is targeted to a specific audience. We can help you write well-structured reports that follow your preferred style (e.g., past tense, present tense or future tense) and academic level (e.g., undergraduate, postgraduate).
  • Research Paper: A research paper is a large project that documents your findings from extensive reading and analysis of published material. We can help you write a well-structured research paper that follows the guidelines set by your institution/university.
  • Self-assessment: Your institution may require you to complete a self-assessment form that helps assess your understanding of the course/program structures and requirements. We can assist you with completing the self-assessment accurately that reflects your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Thesis: A thesis is a large project commonly undertaken by postgraduate students. We have expert panel members who can help you complete your thesis within the allotted timeframe and achieve a good grade.


  • Critique: We have expert panel members who can help you to critique the work of your peers and provide valuable feedback, suggestions and tips that can be used for improvement.
  • Debate: We have experts who can help you prepare for a debate that is part of your course/assignment. We will provide valuable feedback and tips that can be used to prepare well for the debate.
  • Recording in Portfolio: Your institution may ask you to record your performance in a portfolio. We can help you record and upload the audio/video files that describe your performance accurately and reflect what was required by the tutor.
  • Interview: Sometimes, students request us to help them complete an interview for their course. We can help you prepare for the interview so that you can deliver well-thought-out answers which demonstrate your subject knowledge and ability to solve problems.
  • Individual Presentation: We can help you prepare an individual presentation. We can also prepare you on how to deliver a well-researched presentation that showcases your project/topic knowledge and the findings of the research.
  • Group Presentation:Our online assessment help providers can help you prepare for a group presentation. We will provide valuable feedback and tips to help you present well as a group comprising of your peers/classmates.


  • Creative Work: We have experts who can help you demonstrate the knowledge gained from completing creative work. Your institution may ask you to submit samples of your creative writing, artwork or musical composition as a part of your course/assignment.
  • Demonstration: Your institution may require you to perform a demonstration of your knowledge. MyAssignmentHelp Australia can help you to prepare well for the demonstration so that it reflects what was required by the tutor.
  • Placement performance: We love to help students complete a placement performance in a way that demonstrates their understanding of the things learned during the semester. We can help you prepare for the assessment so that it reflects what was required by the tutor.
  • Examination (practical): An examination (practical) is an assessment where you complete several problems and submit your answers to the examiners. We can help you submit well-structured answers that reflect what was required by the tutor.
  • Exhibition: Many times, institutions may ask you to complete an exhibition as part of your course/assignment. We can help you prepare exhibits that reflect your skills and knowledge related to your topic.
  • Laboratory / Practical report: Your assignment may require you to write a laboratory/practical report. We can help you prepare formal reports in the required format and reflect on your findings and decisions.

We also have online assessment help experts who can help you prepare a dance or stage performance, prepare recorded or rendered creative work, make posters, do simulation work, or help you with teamwork.

We can also take advice from our experts for student negotiated assessments or design piece assessments. Hire our online assessment help experts to finish your test on time and get good marks!


  1. Help with all courses: We provide the best assessment help for all subjects and courses, be it Maths assessment, Science assessment or any other subject.
  2. 100% satisfaction guaranteed: We understand how important it is to complete your assignment before the deadline. Our experts work round the clock to ensure that you can submit your assignment on time.
  3. Plagiarism free work: We always ensure that your work is 100% original and plagiarism free. Your tutor will always be impressed with the unique content provided by our experts!
  4. Money-back guarantee: MyAssignmentHelp Australia offers the best solution at the most affordable rates. If you are not satisfied with our service, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!


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